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Proven Approach To Deepen Inner Peace

This is the official meditation of the S.A.D.H.A.N.A. Approach, enabling you to consciously deepen your inner peace simply by listening to it.

This audio is layered with a calming melody of ambient sounds, a relaxing stereo track of binaural beats for brain entrainment, and a powerful series of repeated affirmations that will guide your subconscious towards empowering insights.

Sit back - or lay down - and enjoy the process. No effort or special practice needed, the audio does all the work.

How To Use

From Stressful Mental Chatter 😵‍💫

Our uncontrolled minds can be our worst enemy when it comes to moving forward on our paths, getting things done and staying afloat in our day-to-day lives.

We must be more aware, conscious and present to enjoy more of life.

This Meditation Guides You 😌

Investing the time necessary to take care of ourselves, stopping the mindless chatter and dealing with our ongoing stress, is essential to our quality of life.

It only takes a few moments each week to come back to our natural state of inner peace.

Back To Deeper Inner Peace 🥰

With an opened awareness, expanded consciousness and deepened inner peace, we can fully enjoy all of life's endearing moments.

This ideal is attainable... and this meditation will help.

  • Binaural Beats

    A stereo layer for brain entrainment, these waves guide your mind to a deep state of relaxation.

  • Whispered Affirmations

    Repeated habit-forming affirmations, based on the seven main chakras, instigate powerful new changes.

  • Calming Music

    A soothing track of instruments and angelic voices wraps you in a loving musical embrace.

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Official SADHANA Approach Meditation

Official SADHANA Approach Meditation

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