know yourself better with

the chit quiz

learn about yourself from an inside-out perspective, starting with what limits you the most

discover your imbalances so you can consciously address them to minimize their effects

know where to focus your resources so you get inspiring benefits as soon as possible

save time and energy by taking specific actions that bring quick – and lasting – changes

launch your journey towards a deeper inner peace, fulfillment and happiness

how it works

know yourself better

Rate each statement below with what you feel happens the most often – what you experience on a regular day. This will give you a more accurate result, representing your current situation.

** keep in mind that your answers are confidential so take the time needed to choose what resonates **


what does it mean?

Once you complete the quiz, your results will appear as seven categories, each with a unique score. Approach these the same as you would your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol points, with the desire to lower them with conscious actions. Know that there are no “good” nor “bad” results – it’s a simple representation of where you are, which you can transform and transcend as you wish.

always reach out

If you have any doubt about the quiz itself, feel free to contact me directly to find out more, ask any question you like or openly sharing your thoughts – I am here for you.