Transitioning in Chit

Consciously changeover into the new year

Wrapping Up 2021 in Chit

Let’s face it – 2021 threw us a bunch of unexpected curve balls 😬 … but we can still learn from what we went through in the last twelve months! 🤩

This first part is on wrapping up 2021 in consciousness so we are ready for the New Year and what it will bring! ❤️

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Launching 2022 in Chit

A new calendar year is an opportunity to choose differently, to redirect our path, to decide what to create in the following twelve months. 🤩

What if we decided to create a new identity? What would that attract onto our path? How would that impact our life? 🤔

This second part helps us launch 2022 in consciousness! 🥰

Ian opened my heart and eyes to new realities about me, information that transformed my life in general and my capacity to engage with others in particular.

Philippe T.

Lifelong Learner

Will it work for me?

I have been teaching, guiding, and coaching people just like you and me since 2006. My approach – the S.A.D.H.A.N.A. Approach – has helped thousands deepen their inner peace by discovering, and ultimately accepting, their true self.

Show up, do the exercises, ponder the right questions, ask for help when needed… and you will get results. I guarantee it. 🙂

Transitioning in Chit

Consciously changeover into the new year

How to confidently transition into a new year, knowing you learned from the previous one

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