• Learn It

    Deepen your self-knowledge to take the relevant conscious actions that will support you on your path

  • Experience It

    Join us in the regular practice of various simple yet powerful exercises that bring us back to our Self

  • Embrace It

    Deep dive into the proven SADHANA approach to respectfully transform your life at your own pace

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SADHANA Approach

Based on the seven main chakras of the body, the S.A.D.H.A.N.A. Approach holistically guides you on "how" to go deep on your path (vs "what" to do) so it can be applied to any outcome you might desire. Each element of the approach has a path to follow, and a state to strive for, giving you a complete formula to confidently and consistently make progress towards a deeper inner peace.

Lifestyle Elements

Some great suggestions to support a life of consciousness