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Welcome to your Chit Life – a conscious experience of profound inner peace to enjoy more of life. Deep dive into any invitation that resonates with you, and share with others when you feel called to.

Interested in discovering yourself
and diving deep into inner peace?

Welcome to The Chit Life

Hi, I’m Ian. I would love to be your guide on your path to inner peace! πŸ₯°

It took me 15 years to accept the fact that I was not happy, then another decade to understand why and how to heal.

Now, I got some answers that I would be honoured to share with you, if you let me.

The Chit Life is one of conscious actions on the path towards a deeper inner peace to ultimately enjoy more of life.

Join me, let’s walk together.

Namaste my Friend πŸ™

β€œIan’s teachings came at an especially poignant time for me.
Looking to rebuild and regenerate after difficult years, I have been immersing myself in them and the many resources offered.

The programs have encouraged me to look back to past events not to scrutinize them or try to change them but rather to learn from them so I can continue to make positive and progressive steps in my own healing process.”
Olivia S.

7-day Seminars

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Transitioning Into A New Year

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deepen your inner peace on

the chit path

learn to deepen your inner peace to enjoy more of life

discover your true self to ultimately accept who you really are

get the support you need to move forward on your chosen path

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